Arch Linux based system without systemd

The goal of Obarun is to provide an alternative for people looking for more simplicity and transparency in maintaining their systems. Obarun is not designed with beginners to Linux in mind, but Obarun's community is dedicated in helping anyone with the will to try it.

Obarun is based on Archlinux, but incorporates several changes, modifications, additions, in its effort to run reliably, without systemd and its intrusive byproducts. Obarun separates the init and service management from the rest of the system that should be chosen "freely" by the user/sys-admin.

At the moment Obarun is only available for x86-64 architectures, as is Arch, but its own software has no such limitations on architecture.

Systemd replacement is made by Skarnet's S6 supervision suite as init and by Obarun's own 66 service management. S6 and 66 is the heart of Obarun, it is what makes it unique and special from all other linux systems.

Obarun's packages and source reside in the streamlined [obcore], [obextra], [obcommunity], [observice], and [obmultilib] repositories. The official [core], [extra], and [community] repositories from Arch Linux are retained to fit the needs of the competent Linux user. This means you get Arch-Linux, AUR, and more, without systemd of course.

Additional Tools written in script language are available to simplify/help tasks like installing software from AUR, building packages in a safe environment, installing a particular system, creating a live version of your system, managing and modifying services, and so on.

Hopefully Obarun will give people the choice of a system which will not tolerate any incursion of systemd, and one that stays simpler, easier to manage, more stable, more transparent, more open, and closer to the philosophy of unix and Linux.

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Obarun Git

Author : obarun | Tags : System, General published : 2023-11-28 23:06:56

Simplified Registration on Git Obarun

Dear Obarun user,

We're excited to announce an easier way to join our community on GitLab Obarun.…


66 upcoming release

Author : obarun | Tags : System, General published : 2023-11-28 00:01:19

66 upcoming release

Dear Obarun user,

We would like to inform you about the upcoming release of 66. The code is now in a state ready for testing. Any beta-testers are welcome…


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