obsysusers parses and creates system users and groups, based on the file format and location specified in sysusers.d directories.

obsysusers is not a suitable substitute of systemd-sysusers, the format r is not supported.


    obsysusers [ -h ] [ -z ] [ -v verbosity ] [ -d ] file(s)

obsysusers parses file and creates system users and groups based on the file where file can be found at /etc/sysusers.d, /run/syusers.d and /usr/lib/sysusers.d in this order of precedence. If file is not specified, obsysusers parses all files found on these directories.

Multiple files can be passed by seperating their names with a space.

Exit codes


Usage examples

Parses the bind.conf file and performs operation without creating system users and groups:

obsysusers -d bind.conf

Increases the verbosity and colorizes the output, parses all files and performs operation:

obsysusers -z -v4